The Starmobile PLAY Style is Your First Android Phone - Starmobile
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The Starmobile PLAY Style is Your First Android Phone

Starmobile PLAY Style

[21 September 2015] If you’re looking for the easiest way to enjoy a truly mobile lifestyle, Starmobile has just the smartphone for you. Introducing the Starmobile PLAY Style–a stylish 4-inch Android smartphone with a speedy quad core processor and 3G connectivity.

Designed for first-time smartphone users, the P2,490 Starmobile PLAY Style keeps things simple. From its minimalist look to its clean and intuitive interface, customers who have long been afraid to try a smart device can now do so without the hassle.

Starmobile Sync 2.0

The Starmobile PLAY Style comes pre-installed with Starmobile Sync 2.0, a special app which makes it easy to transfer contacts, calendar entries, messages, photos, and videos via Bluetooth or WiFi from older featurephones.

Starmobile Care

Also included in the device is Starmobile Care, Starmobile’s one-stop customer care app which help end users get in touch with customer care reps in several ways.

For more information about the Starmobile PLAY Style, visit the official page at or go to Starmobile’s Facebook page at [END]

Starmobile PLAY Style Features

Starmobile PLAY Style Specs

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