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Starmobile eWarranty

Starmobile E-Warranty User Interface

[14 June 2018] Starmobile, the phone brand of Philippine telecommunications group Star Telecom Alliance Resources, Inc. (STAR, Inc.), continues to improve on its aftersales services as it introduces “Star Phone” and "One Smart Star Number"  by One Smart Star (OSS) and its own E-Warranty app in select Android smartphone units.

Starmobile: Quality Comes First

“Star Standards” Affirm Starmobile’s Commitment to Quality and Durability

[18 Sept 2017] “Creating a company is easy, but building a brand is difficult” according to Starmobile COO Michael Chen. When Star Telecom Alliance Resources, Inc. (STAR Inc.), the company behind Starmobile, began operations in 2011, its founders set out to create a Philippine-based mobile devices brand is known for quality and durability, and adheres to internationally-accepted standards.