Starmobile unveils top-of-the-line Diamond V3 and Diamond V7 - Starmobile
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Starmobile unveils top-of-the-line Diamond V3 and Diamond V7


Starmobile Diamond “phablet” line now official 

[28 May 2013] Philippine smartphone maker Starmobile is once again rocking the local smartphone scene as it introduces its latest and most dazzling phablet offerings to date–the Starmobile Diamond V3 and Diamond V7.

According to Starmobile President Michael Chen, the company’s new Diamonds will enable the group to strengthen its hold on the coveted phablet market.

“We are very pleased with how the market received the original Starmobile Diamond,” Chen said. “With this new line, we want to give Filipinos a choice of ample sized, best value phablets that are truly a cut above the rest,” he added.



Starmobile DIAMOND V3

First in Starmobile’s new Diamond line is the Diamond V3, an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean phone that sports a 5.3-inch touchscreen with scratch resistant Dragontrail glass.

It packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8225Q chipset with a 1.2Ghz Quad Core processor which gives it enough power to breeze through multiple applications with ease.

The Starmobile Diamond V3 also has 12MP rear and 2MP front cameras that are equipped with Backside Illuminated (BSI) sensors for improved low light performance.

“BSI is a technology which allows users to take bright photos especially indoors or in areas with poor lighint,” said Chen.

“Starmobile is proud to have pioneered the use of BSI sensors for mobile phones in the Philippines,” he added.



Starmobile DIAMOND V7

Completing the Diamond line is the V3’s powered up sibling, the Starmobile Diamond V7 which will be coming later in July.

Equipped with a 5.7-inch screen with scratch resistant Dragontrail glass, the Diamond V7 is ideal for Filipinos who want full functionalities of a dual SIM quad core Jelly Bean smartphone with an HD and Dragontrail screen..

Both the 18MP rear and 8MP front cameras are equipped with BSI sensors and auto focus for crystal clear photos, and its 2600mAh battery boasts of having the highest capacity out of all Dual SIM Quad Core phones in the market today.

“The Starmobile Diamond V7 pushes the boundaries of what a phablet can deliver,” Chen said.

Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA), a feature which allows users to update their phones to the latest version of Android via Wi-Fi and without the need for a PC is also available for the Diamond V7.

“Starmobile is the first local brand to include FOTA functionality in its smartphones right out of the box,” Chen said.

“Expect more exciting and more ground-breaking innovations from Starmobile as we launch more devices in the near future,” he ended.

The Starmobile Diamond V3 and the Starmobile Diamond V3 will be available in mid-June and mid-July, respectively.

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