Starmobile to launch KNIGHT Elite with 'Star Cam' on Sept 15 - Starmobile
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Starmobile to launch KNIGHT Elite with ‘Star Cam’ on Sept 15

Starmobile KNIGHT Elite

[08 Sept 2015] Point-and-shoot photography is about to get more exciting as the Philippines’ most innovative local brand, Starmobile, introduces the new Starmobile KNIGHT Elite Android smartphone with the built-in ‘Star Cam’ feature.

“Star Cam is designed to take everyday photography to the next level,” said Starmobile Product Development Head Michael Chen. “It boasts of the ReFocus, Chroma Flash, and Opti Zoom functions that are unique and exclusive only to the Starmobile KNIGHT Elite.”

How ‘Star Cam’ Works

ReFocus allows users to choose the focal point of a photo after they’ve taken the photo. Star Cam takes 5 photos simultaneously at varying lengths and combines them into single file. Users can then select which object to focus on simply by clicking on the desired area.

“ReFocus is a great feature to have for shooting photos of the buffet or an elegant table setting. It gives you the flexibility to select the main subject of your photo after taking the shot,” said Chen

Star Cam Features

Chroma Flash, meanwhile, improves low light flash photography. Star Cam takes 2 images in rapid succession–first with flash then with no flash–and combines both to produce a single photo with natural looking colors.

“If you’re the type who frequents bars and al fresco dining at night, then Chroma Flash will surely come in handy–especially if you want to share photos of your date with your friends,” said Chen

Lastly, Opti Zoom improves on the camera’s digital zoom feature. By shooting multiple photos, Opti Zoom ‘studies’ the details to improve on the texture and sharpness of zoomed-in photos.

“Say you’re watching a concert and you want to take a photo of the band, Opti Zoom will help you take better-looking zoom photographs compared to cameras without Opti Zoom,” said Chen.

Starmobile KNIGHT Elite Angled

Apart from Star Cam, the Starmobile KNIGHT Elite is also a phone that’s beautifully crafted for the most demanding users. It sports a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset with LTE connectivity, a super sharp 5-inch In-Cell screen by Japan Display Inc. (JDI) and Corning Gorilla Glass for the front and rear panels.

The Starmobile KNIGHT Elite  will be available in Starmobile stores and resellers beginning September 15, 2015 for only P9,990 with a free phone case and screen protectors.

For more information, visit or go to Starmobile’s official Facebook page at [END]

Starmobile KNIGHT Specs

Starmobile KNIGHT Features


Starmobile KNIGHT Elite Black

Starmobile KNIGHT Elite White

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