Starmobile OCTA ‘KitKat’ update now live - Starmobile
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Starmobile OCTA ‘KitKat’ update now live

Starmobile OCTA now on KitKat[07 February 2015] The most advanced 5-inch Pinoy smartphone just got even sweeter as Philippine smart devices manufacturer Starmobile makes available the official Android 4.4 “KitKat” update for the Starmobile OCTA.

Now downloadable via the built-in OTA (Over-The-Air) feature, the update boasts of a full Operating System upgrade from Android 4.2 ‘Jellybean’ to 4.4.2 ‘KitKat’.

The upgrade brings performance and compatibility enhancements that make the Starmobile OCTA work better with the latest versions of Android Apps available from the Google Play store.

Also included in the update is a new and improved camera app, which now includes a ‘Peace-to-Shoot’ option wherein users need only flash a ‘peace’ or ‘V’ sign with their fingers to activate the camera shutter.

To download the update, simply go to the Starmobile OCTA’s Settings menu and click on About Phone > Wireless Update.

A stable Wi-Fi connection is recommended along with at least 1GB of available storage space to accommodate the installation file. Once the update is finished, a full reset of the device is recommended.

For information and assistance, users may call the official Starmobile hotline at (02) 333-STAR (7827). [END]

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