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Be the Star Student with Starmobile

Starmobile B2S

[30 May 2017] Smartphones and tables are great for playing games, watching movies, and keeping in touch with your family and friends  but did you know that you can also use them to help you rock good grades in school?

Join classes from the world’s top universities  – for free!

Get a feel of what it’s like to study in an Ivy League school without spending anything. Simply visit websites offering massive open online courses (MOOCs), you can gain access to lectures on management basics from Harvard University, digital media from Columbia University, or Silicon Valley trends from Stanford University, among others.

You can even choose to download special exercises to sharpen your learning. Enjoy these online classes wherever you are using a light but powerful laptop such as the Starmobile ENGAGE Aura (Php 9,990), a slim and light 14-inch Windows 10 computer that lets you be productive wherever you hang out!

Listen to the world’s smartest minds during your commute

Make your daily commute less of a hassle by turning them into opportunities for learning! With a little bit of online searching, you can download awesome audio books and subscribe to fun podcasts related to your current lessons in school.

PLAY Dash Main

If you always get stuck in traffic, having a phone with a smart battery such as the dual-SIM Android 6.0 Marshmallow Starmobile PLAY Dash (Php 2,490) would help a lot, so you don’t run out of juice as you get the latest insights, life hacks, tips, tricks, and tools of the trade from the top experts in your field.

Learn a new language!

Even if you’re not a language or tourism major, it would always be good to know how to speak in another language. After all, traveling to new countries, whether for vacation, study, or work, is always more fun when you know the basics of how the local converse. There are a lot of cool apps on Google Play that will help you get a grasp of useful phrases that will make your trips easier.

UP Prime Main

Smartphones that can multi-task, such as the Starmobile UP Prime (Php 4,290), will allow you to browse the Internet, chat with friends, and take notes while learning. What’s more, the UP Prime is dual-SIM, runs on Android™ 7.0 Nougat, and is 700MHz LTE-compatible, so you get to enjoy the last smartphone technology at an affordable price.

With the right intention and planning, you can definitely make technology a great friend that will help you achieve your full potential this year! Learn more by visiting Starmobile’s official online accounts,,,, and

Five Awesome Years

Established in 2011, Starmobile is the mobile devices division of Star Telecom Alliance Resources, Inc. (STAR, Inc.). It is founded by telco industry experts with extensive experience in retail and product development.

Since it first offered Android devices, Starmobile has officially become the winningest Philippine smartphone brand with a slew of innovation awards from reputable media outfits. The company’s flagship KNIGHT series, has won top awards since 2013—a feat that has not been replicated by any local device company. [END]

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