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Seeing the Old with the New: Starmobile Snaps Intramuros

Members of the media with Starmobile executives and youth ambassador Donnalyn Bartolome (first row, 2nd from left).

[24 February 2015, MANILA Philippines] If there is one tourist destination in the Philippines that is taken for granted, it would have to be Intramuros.

This unassuming relic of history sits in the middle of Manila–where jeepneys, trikes, and buses traverse 24/7, where the surrounding commercial and residential establishments dwarf its stocky and stony stature, and where the occasional golf ball flies nonchalantly across the façade.

Indeed for many Manileños, Intramuros is just a massive stretch of adobe and graffiti. But as its thick walls have stood the test of time and nature, Intramuros has its share of untold stories long left out of school textbooks and mainstream documentaries.

Armed with the new Starmobile UP Snap camera phone, Filipino brand Starmobile, Manila For A Day’s Dustin Ancheta, and select members of the media set to uncover Intramuros’ heretofore untold stories and unseen sights—with a little help from technology.

Celebrities such as Jacob Benedicto, Guji Lorenzana, and Abel Estanislao of talent agency Fame Factory, as well as up-and-coming Internet sensation Donnalyn Bartolome, embarked on the walking tour of Old Manila which took them through notable spots in the walled city, such as Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral, and San Agustin Church.

Any single one of these locations provided a slew of photo opportunities, which the group readily took advantage of with their dependable UP Snap phones.


Similar to how the tour shed light on distorted truths, the Starmobile UP Snap’s Ultrapixel camera sensor enabled the tour goers to capture intricate details, some of which are not visible to the naked eye.

The group also had a chance to delve into the forgotten portions of the Philippines’ past and sift through misinformation surrounding such notable figures as Ferdinand Magellan, Andres Bonifacio, and Jose Rizal. For example, a popularly held belief is that Lapu-Lapu defeated Magellan in single combat, but in reality was slain by unnamed pintado warriors.

The Bayleaf Rooftop

Members of the media and esteemed guests enjoying the view at the rooftop of the Bayleaf Hotel, Intramuros

To cap off the tour, guests were taken to the roof deck of The Bayleaf, the tallest structure within Intramuros where they were treated to an unparalleled view of Manila. Even as the sky darkened into night, the UP Snap proved to be the perfect phone to capture the last of the day’s light.

Starmobile UP Snap

About the Starmobile UP Snap

The Starmobile UP Snap is the first Pinoy Smartphone fitted with an UltraPixel camera sensor. Coupled with a wide aperture f/2.0 lens this amazing technology allows the UP Snap to capture photos that are at least 30% brighter larger compared to its competitors.

The Starmobile UP Snap also features an advanced and reliable Quad-Core Chipset that delivers maximum battery life for regular use throughout the day–perfect phone for avid camera users.

Among local brands, the UP Snap currently has the largest battery lifespan for a mid-range phone, providing up to 14.5 hours talk time and up to 580 hours (24 days) standby time.

At an unbelievable SRP of 5,990 pesos, the UP Snap is available in White, Dark Blue, and Aqua Blue and comes with a free case and a screen protector out of the box to help keep it in mint condition. [END]

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