Palawan Senior HS Teacher is the Latest Winner of Starmobile's STAR-TAGAL Christmas Promo - Starmobile
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Palawan Senior HS Teacher is the Latest Winner of Starmobile’s STAR-TAGAL Christmas Promo

Roseclyde Dela Cruz Palawan Honda Wave Winner

[20 Jan 2018]  Starmobile announced that Rose Clyde Dela Cruz, a senior high school teacher in Roxas, Palawan, is the latest Honda Wave winner of STAR-TAGAL, its biggest raffle promo ever.

Rose Clyde joined the STAR-TAGAL promo after buying a Starmobile PLAY Five for her mom’s birthday last December 2017. The 3G-capable, quad core-powered smartphone from Starmobile allows Rose Clyde to keep in touch with her mom, who resides in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Perfect for first-time smartphone users, the PLAY Five is an easy-to-use Android Marshmallow smartphone with a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera, expandable 4GB internal memory, and a multi-tasking quad core processor for playing games and surfing the web.

“I had no idea which phone should I buy for her at first until I noticed that all of her friends are Starmobile users,” said Rose Clyde. “Who says the latest gadgets are only for the young? Seeing her and her friends have fun enjoying games and exchanging messages, I can say I made a good choice.”

Now that she is a new-owner of a Honda Wave, Rose Clyde is keen on pursuing motorcycle-riding lessons so she can use it to travel from home to work and vice versa. It also inspires her to push for her dreams of putting up a sari-sari store back in her hometown, seeing the vehicle as a means of transporting the goods they would sell in the shop.

Announcement of STAR-TAGAL winners are far from over with the long list of grand prizes to be given away in the next few weeks, including Honda Wave motorcycles, Toyota cars, and 1 million pesos cash – tax free! Just stay tuned to Starmobile’s official website or Facebook page [END]

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