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mAh-ximum Power: The Tech Behind the Starmobile UP Max’s Battery

UP Max Battery

[20 August 2015] A recent independent review by tech blog reveals that the Starmobile UP Max topped its Android smartphone battery life rankings. With a rated use time of 15 hours and 26 minutes, the UP Max bested 32 other ‘big battery’ entrants as verified by the PC Mark Battery Test app.

But more than registering the longest life, the UP Max outperformed its closest competitor by more than 4 hours–a staggering difference compared to other phones that are only minutes apart from each other (see battery rankings below).

So what gives the UP Max such an advantage? A cutting edge approach to battery design that’s more than just packing in milliampere hours (mAh).

Amprius Logo

The 5000mAh powerplant is developed by US-based company Amprius, which devised a new means of crafting the Lithium-Ion battery.

Amprius batteries use “highly efficient anodes made from silicon nanowires” which allow for a 20% to 40% improvement in battery life.

In simple speak, the Starmobile UP Max’s battery is able to use stored energy more efficiently. Think modern cars VS. old cars–both may have the same gas tank capacity, but the former can go farther because its engine is more efficient.

Know more about this groundbreaking product by visiting the official product page:

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