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Enjoy these Android KitKat features on your Starmobile Jelly Bean device


[14 July 2014] Starmobile has officially entered the Android 4.4 ‘KitKat‘ era with the introduction of the SKY, TURBO, and UP. These new devices bring with it the latest updates from Google, making them the best version of the popular operating system to date.

But did you know that Starmobile’s Android 4.2 ‘Jelly Bean’ devices also have a few KitKat tricks up their sleeves?

Google Now

1. Google Now

Starmobile Jelly Bean devices also feature instant access to OK Google–Google’s voice-activated search tool. Simply click on the microphone icon from the Google Search Bar and ask away.


2. Hangouts

Starmobile Jelly Beans have Google Hangouts installed by default. Hangouts is a powerful tool that centralizes all your communications into one app. Less hassle, less confusion!


3. Emojis

Add more emotion and a lot of fun to your text-based conversations. Simply click on the smiley icon from the messaging menu to access a bevy of cute icons.


4. 512MB Optimized

Our Jelly Bean installation has been proven to be stable and work amazingly well on 512MB RAM. Take for example the Starmobile PLAY–our best-selling Big Battery Android phone.

We retained only the essential apps and functions to create a light, yet equally versatile version of Android.

Apart from these, there are also  functions that Starmobile Jelly Bean devices have that are not present in the default version of KitKat such as:


Transfer Apps to SD

Free up internal space in an instant by transferring compatible apps to your Micro SD card. This way, you are no longer limited to the ‘Internal Storage’ space of your device.


3G SIM Selection

Select which SIM you want to use for 3G data connection. It’s as easy as going to the settings menu to make the selection–no need to physically remove and switch SIM slots.

There you have it. We hope these little tweaks make your Starmobile experience a lot more enjoyable.

Until next time, keep reaching for the Star! =)

Happy Man
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