Four Reasons Why You Should Finally Get a Digital TV Smartphone: Take advantage of Starmobile’s March Madness sale to save as much as P4,500 on a smartphone with DTV - Starmobile
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Four Reasons Why You Should Finally Get a Digital TV Smartphone: Take advantage of Starmobile’s March Madness sale to save as much as P4,500 on a smartphone with DTV

Starmobile DTV

[09 Mar 2016] From March 1 to April 3, 2016, leading Filipino technology brand Starmobile is offering its in-demand digital TV phones, in addition to its bang-for-your-buck smartphones, for as much as P4,500 less. These let you watch and record programs from over 20 DTV channels, including those from the Philippines’ leading networks, for FREE anytime and anywhere DTV services are available. But just why should you consider getting one?

  1. You made a mental note to catch the finale episode your favourite teleserye, the presidential debates, and the championship game of your favourite team – only to miss them because you did not make it home on time.

You marked them in your calendar and even made your cellphone ring off an alarm. However, there were these last-minute requirements for work or for school that you were not able to finish on time. Even if these only required you to stay for a few minutes longer, they translated to an additional hour-and-a-half on the road.


  1. The long lines at the bus and the MRT and the tedious commutes are making you go crazy.

It has been said that life is short, and that the traffic is making it shorter. You feel bad for all those times you spend staring blankly out the window of the UV express you always take on your home. You somehow wish that you could there is a way you could take your mind off how stressful your journey home always feels like.

UP Vision

  1. You are getting into fights with your family or your housemates over the remote control.

Some of you are Kapamilya, some are Kapuso, while others are Kapatid. Because of your different tastes, you find yourselves fighting over the remote control. You’ve considered getting a TV of your own, but the good ones are beyond your budget.


  1. You have started believing in #Forever.

It is something you experience, each time you need to have permits, licenses, and other papers processed, or whenever you have an appointment with the doctor. You are looking for ways to spend those long waiting times doing something entertaining or educational.

March Madness Sale

With March Madness, you can choose from among three Starmobile DTV smartphones on sale. The KNIGHT Vision, which comes with a breathtaking HD screen and a quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM, is now priced at P5,490, allowing you to save P4,500. Its 13MP rear and 8MP front cameras are equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology, which keeps your photos blur-free and sharp. Meanwhile, the UP Vision is the slimmest and lightest DTV smartphone from Starmobile. It features a 1800-mAh battery that comes with up to 9 hours talk time and about 10 and a half days on standby mode. It is packed with a 13MP rear camera that sports an AF Sony BSI lens with a Blue Glass Filter and an 8MP front camera from Samsung. You can get it for P3,990 (or P2,000 off SRP). Lastly, the UP Max is ultra-amped up 5000mAH battery, which is the largest on any smartphone currently on the market. With it you can enjoy up to 10 hours DTV time24 hours talk time, and a whopping 41.25 days on standby mode. At 9.6mm—the slimmest for a phone with a 5000mAh battery–its design remains sleek and ergonomically perfect in the palm. It is yours for P5,490.

Aside from DTV smartphones, the March Madness sale also features powerful models from Starmobile’s flagship series, the KNIGHT Elite and the KNIGHT Luxe, for P6,490 and P5,490, respectively. Meanwhile, the UP HD, a 4.7-inch Quad Core phone with an HD screen, and an 8MP BSI (Backside Illuminated) Camera, is available for P3,490. Lastly, the best-selling UP Ultra, comes at Php 5,990, with Php 4,000 worth of FREE LTE data valid for 12 months, with 6 months of free access to popular streaming site iFlix (700mb/month with an accumulated top-up of P150/month.) 

To learn more about these amazing products under Starmobile’s March Madness sale, visit or go to Starmobile’s official Facebook page at [END]

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